Sponge Rubber Technical data:

Elastomer basis: NR (Naturel Rubber)

Delivery form: Sheets and manufactures parts m Kesimleri

Standart Dimensions of sheets: 980 x 580 mm = 0,57 m²

Quality: SK160

Density: 160 kg/m3 (140-180 kg/m3)

Hardness: Soft

Cell structure (porosity) : Coarse, Medium, Fine Pore

Quality: SK200

Density: 200 kg/m3 (180-220 kg/m3)

Hardness: Medium

Cell structure (porosity) : Medium, Fine Pore

Quality: SK250

Density: 250 kg/m3 (230-270 kg/m3)

Hardness: Firm

Cell structure (porosity) : Medium, Fine Pore

Quality: SK300

Density:300 kg/m3 (270-330 kg / m3)

Hardness: Very Firm

Cell structure (porosity) : Fine Pore

Sponge rubber offers clients a range of advantageous properties, such as:

 Extremely elastic, mouldable and compressable

 Good friction behaviour and high absorptive capacity

 Standard colour: orange (special colours upon request)

 Heat resistant up to + 70° C

 Cold resistant up to -40°C

 Elongation at break: 400 - 550 % depending on sponge type

 Tensile strength: 0,15 - 1,2 N/mm² depending on sponge type

 Environmentally friendly



For the concrete pumps we have production of cleaning sponge balls in different sizes.

Photo: Mixer

Necessary machines and equipments help to fulfil whatever your request about the rubber


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Sponge Rubber, Sponge Ball, Sponge Band, Custom Molded Rubber and Sponge Cutting, Rollers...

SÜMER KAUÇUK SANAYİ has the equipment and the machinery for producing various kinds of sponges, rollers and custom molded objects origined as natural and synthetic rubber materials.




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