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SÜMER KAUÇUK SANAYİ has the equipment and the machinery for producing various kinds of sponges, rollers and custom molded objects origined as natural and synthetic rubber materials.

Everyday with the possibilities of developing technology and the supervision of our experienced staff, process of rubber materials are finished in our foundation with success. Supplying customer wishs in our high quality understanding is our prime priciple.

Our horizon is expanding from sponge balls to sponge band, from laminate plaques to custom molded rubber components or from trowel sponge to transparent soles.

Through this wide product portfolio we provide rubber based needs of different sectors such as ceramic, machine, building, cleaning etc.

Within our possibilities, supplying motiv of requested different products that brings along with growing sectors which we address.



For the concrete pumps we have production of cleaning sponge balls in different sizes.

Photo: Batch Mixing

We know that exprerienced staff is important for producing good quality products.


About Company

Since 1962 producing various sponges of rubber in Turkey, SUMER KAUCUK SANAYI had reduced the import of sponge rubber as a big proportion. Now we continue to provide cellular sponge and molded rubber products for the rubber sector.




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